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How to Make an Account? Make an account of Email Address is very easy to do thanks to the many different email services available these days, such as Outlook (formerly Hotmail), Gmail or Yahoo.

Make an Account

Nowadays, everyone who uses the internet needs an email address for various reasons, personal or professional. Another reason you need to create an email address is because it’s a requirement to sign up for any type of website. The first thing they will ask for is always an email address to send a confirmation link or for password recovery.

For this reason, if you still don’t have one, we will now explain how to create an email address.


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How to create an email address

The most important thing is choosing the provider. We’ll tell you which the most-used services currently are worldwide. The most widely used services are:

1) Outlook, which many people still know as Hotmail, and which is owned by Microsoft.

2) Gmail, the email owned by Google.

3) Yahoo, the former leader, still holds a top place today because of the many services it has to offer.

For better understanding, we’ve decided to create a tutorial for each type of email account. In these articles, we will explain the procedure to create an email account for each one of these providers.

  • Make a Outlook account
  • Make a Hotmail account
  • Make a Gmail account
  • Make a Yahoo account

And tutorials on how to create an account on the various social networks:

  • Make a Facebook Account
  • Make a Badoo account
  • Make a Skype account
  • Make a Instagram account


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If you have any questions about creating an email account, feel free to write us!


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